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Feeling a mix of emotions as the holiday season nears?

Are you navigating life's unexpected turns and transitions?

At Awake Coaching, we're here to help you embrace both joy and challenges during this reflective time.

We Have Exclusive Holiday Specials THAT WILL Empower Your Path

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Get Four 1:1 30-Minute Coaching Sessions for only $99

Navigating the holiday season can bring both joy and challenges. These sessions offer a supportive space to address stress, navigate family dynamics, set healthy boundaries, and cultivate resilience during this reflective time.

Each 30-minute session is laser-focused, providing immediate insights and actionable strategies. Whether it's redefining priorities, managing stress, or embracing change, these sessions empower you with tools to navigate the holidays with resilience and clarity.

Experience the power of transformation with our exclusive series of four 1:1 30-minute laser coaching sessions. These personalized sessions are designed to be your catalyst for growth and positive change, especially during the holiday season.

🤝 Virtual or In-Person Flexibility:

Choose what works best for you—virtual or in-person sessions. We are dedicated to providing a comfortable and supportive environment that fits seamlessly into your holiday schedule.

🔴Secure this limited-time offer:

Elevate your holiday season by gaining invaluable insights, setting goals, and initiating positive changes. It's your time to shine and embrace the season with resilience and clarity.






Embracing Resilience in the Face of Loss - Eight-Week

Our exclusive eight-week program, Embracing Resilience in the Face of Loss, is crafted with utmost care for individuals navigating the complex terrain of edit and add your own text.

Why Embracing Resilience?

🌿 A Secure and Nurturing Space: This program provides a secure and nurturing environment tailored to explore emotions, cultivate resilience, and guide you through the transformative process of growing through grief. It's a supportive space to navigate the intricate emotions tied to loss.

💚 Thrive Through Transformation: Designed to assist you in thriving amidst the challenges, our program is your guide to fostering resilience and embracing growth during this transformative phase. It's an opportunity to redefine your narrative post-loss.

Exclusive Offer - Unparalleled Value

Secure your spot for only $199, a significant discount from the regular price of $897. This exclusive offer is crafted to ensure accessibility to the transformative healing journey that awaits you.


AFTER $199

Minimum of 3 Months Post-Loss:

Please note, a minimum of three months post-loss is recommended to ensure readiness for the depth of healing and growth provided in this program.

🤝 Virtual or In-Person Flexibility.

Choose what works best for you—virtual or in-person sessions. We are dedicated to providing a comfortable and supportive environment that fits seamlessly into your holiday schedule.

Navigating Grief with Resilience.


Join us and navigate the path of grief with resilience.

This program is your gateway to healing, growth, and resilience-building, empowering you to embrace life's challenges with strength and grace.

Secure your spot today and take the first step toward a transformative journey of healing and growth.

Clarity Catalyst – Eight-Week Course

Embark on an enriching eight-week journey with our renowned Clarity Catalyst course, a program that stands as a beacon of transformation and empowerment. Designed to foster deep insights, enhance resilience, and propel you toward your aspirations, this course is your gateway to a clearer, more purposeful life.


Why Clarity Catalyst?

🌟 Foster Deep Insight: Dive into self-discovery and gain profound insights into your strengths, values, and aspirations. Through curated exercises and guided reflections, uncover the clarity needed to navigate life's complexities.

🚀 Enhance Resilience: Life is filled with unexpected turns. Clarity Catalyst equips you with tools to embrace challenges, build resilience, and stay focused on your goals, even amidst uncertainty.

🎯 Goal Propulsion: Define and refine your goals with precision. The course structure empowers you to set actionable steps, guiding you toward your vision with confidence and purpose.

Limited-Time Offer - Unlock Transformation Together

Reserve your spot for $279, a remarkable discount from the regular price of $697. And for a limited time, invite a friend to join for only $99! This exceptional offer allows you both to embark on a shared journey of growth and transformation.


AFTER $279

+ invite a friend to join for only $99! 

Don't Miss this Transformative Opportunity!

Join us and discover the power of clarity in propelling you toward your goals. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your life, gain resilience, and define your path with purpose.

Don't miss the chance to indulge in these exclusive promotions available from now throught January 15! 

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